A page from my dairy…

Well I usually don’t write dairies, but I hope you will surely understnd how I wrote this one.I know I am writing this dairy as my blog and I know its too late but its ok for me.

Sunday 21.5.17

Dear dairy,

So its raining again…
Huh!Nice!!! kind of like it in this hot summer.
Its raining faster and faster, slower and slower each second.Complicated.Right?

Today I thought of writing whatever is happening in front of me.But, (there is always a but…) the world need not be the same.
Just talked to my mom and I was kind of startled to know that my brother was asking her, when I will be back from my cousin’s place? I don’t know if that was true or not.But I know one thing that is true and it is that at my relative’s place (if my brother is not there) I always miss having fights with him over
tv remote (well that happens with everyone),other fights, the talk, and also when he talks about cricket or any sport that I was never interested in and when he finishes I am like, “brother you know I am not a cricket fan and I don’t know the people you were talking about!”…Its kind of a different sibling relationship from that of having a sister, i mean for me, a cousin sister!!!

Dedicated to my brother, Chaitanya
But you know things always get complicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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