I hug you in my loneliness
say things to you in my silence,
throw you in my anger,
but you my dear friend has
never said a work,
instead have always accompanied.

But suddenly one moment
you came in my dreams
a horrifying dream, a haunted one
you were haunted too,
but still there for me…

you are the best friend
I can trust my whole life,
without saying anything
you understand a lot.

I know you can’t do a lot
as you are ”not living”
when my leaves s
you, my dear friend, are
always there for me…

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A broken friendship….

Just tell me what’s inside your heart
what you feel
I don’t expect anything from you now
you are deleted in my heart
no matter how much i have written for you(yet not shared)

life without you was difficult at once
yet easily possible
life has given me people whom
you can be replaced with
yet no one could take your place.

Cyclone of emotions…

My day was good or bad or it was just a waste of time,at night while Iam about to sleep all the emotions come running towards my mind, happiness, sorrow, regret ,anger or guilt….

Still with that emotion I try my best to sleep with a positive mind and promise to try to make tomorrow better than today.

Every night a smile on my face or positiveness in my mind acts like a protective shield around me protecting me from negative thoughts.
no one’s perfect in life but you can make everyday better than yesterday.

If you realized just how poweful your thoughts are,you would never think of a negative thouhght….the day I stoped givig time to the dairy of thoughts, I realized their importance.


You are the reason why…

This poem is really deep…
only those can understand who think like me or are deep for me.(according to me)

You are the reason why…

You are the reason why
I have best friends today,
cause I wanted to tell you that
“you are my best friend”.

I introduced this word in my life,
today it is both my
strength and weakness
or I don’t know
I am confused.

Yesterday I was hurt
but, today I am happy
tomorrow no one knows
its really complicated…

You are the reason why
I am writing this poem
cause I wanted to tell you that
you are the reason why 
I have best friends today

You are the reason why 
I am awesome
you are the reason why
I am boring

you are the reason why
I have best friends today

You are the reason why 
I am happy to have a 
friend like you

You are the reason why 
I am sharing this to you
cause you are the reason why
I have best friends

Also you are the reason why
you are one for me…

Well I just hope the person for whom I have written this will recognize that she is ‘you’ in this poem!!!

Who is to blame?

Whenever a child fails whose fault is it? The teachers?or the students?
Well obviously it depends…
Its the teacher’s duty to teach the child properly and clear all his/her doubts.And the child’s duty to revise and learn the topics discussed.right?

is it the child’s fault if the teacher is not explaning properly, clearing the doubts?
is it the teacher’s fault?
if the child is not doing the homework,bunking the class,not revising the things or not paying attention in the class or not learning properly?Definately, if a child is not attentive how can he/she score good marks?The taecher canntot write his paper in the examination hall.A teacher can only explain the student and help him not make his score marks but yes help him score them…

As a teacher she does whatever she can do but it is incomplete without a child’s efforts and vice versa.

Also a child’s interest too depends upon the teacher smetimes…
last year I had a teacher(I don’t want to name her)she used to teach me xyz subject.i used to hate beacuse of her nature and the way she used to explain, but by the end of the year she changed a lot.I used to hate xyz subject’s period and kind of lost my interest in it.and i hated to study that what started happening with me was comparitively more learning than understanding.this was something i used to hate.Luckily my efforts did not let my result go down!

To conclude I would like to repeat myself that think before you blame anyone fopr anythinhg….
The result could go down beacuse of the lack of either the teacher of the student and sometimes both, that is why I always say it depends…

Agree or not?

Oh! dear me and time…

manage your time or it will manage you…

Its been a long way…
since I have gone to school,
its just been a week, but
feels like an year to me…

another twist in time,
another bend in time
oh this twisted time,
just twisted me…again

why do, why why u do so
this twist just shrinks me down…
oh this twisted time
just twisted me again

-Bhavika (author of bhavikas corner)

A page from my dairy…

Well I usually don’t write dairies, but I hope you will surely understnd how I wrote this one.I know I am writing this dairy as my blog and I know its too late but its ok for me.

Sunday 21.5.17

Dear dairy,

So its raining again…
Huh!Nice!!! kind of like it in this hot summer.
Its raining faster and faster, slower and slower each second.Complicated.Right?

Today I thought of writing whatever is happening in front of me.But, (there is always a but…) the world need not be the same.
Just talked to my mom and I was kind of startled to know that my brother was asking her, when I will be back from my cousin’s place? I don’t know if that was true or not.But I know one thing that is true and it is that at my relative’s place (if my brother is not there) I always miss having fights with him over
tv remote (well that happens with everyone),other fights, the talk, and also when he talks about cricket or any sport that I was never interested in and when he finishes I am like, “brother you know I am not a cricket fan and I don’t know the people you were talking about!”…Its kind of a different sibling relationship from that of having a sister, i mean for me, a cousin sister!!!

Dedicated to my brother, Chaitanya
But you know things always get complicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!